If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth

Dr. Joseph Goebbels.


Recently there is a gluttony of stories and accusations about a phenomenon they call ‘FAKE NEWS’, as if it hasn’t been around since time immemorial. Lies, half-truths, distortions, deceptions, omissions, wrong information, selective reporting have been used to misinform and garner public opinion behind causes otherwise too bitter to swallow. Just ask Tony Blair and George Bush and half a million dead Iraqis. Tony can even tell you a thing or two about fake suicides, sadly Dr Kelly no longer can.

Fake values are as pervasive as fake news. Fake values, touted as true values and thus rendered sacrosanct, are formulated deep within the ‘system’ ensuring that they may be manipulated to fit any form at any given time, are the life blood of the capitalist system.

Debt is a fake value; a constructed concept designed by the rotten financial system to legalize and normalize usury and exploitation. Usurious and unethical monetary loans that unfairly enrich the lender are forbidden in the doctrines of every religion, in fact the charging of any interest was severely condemned by all religions until relatively recently when religions and banks allied themselves and the fleecing the innocent began in earnest: the era of immoral wealth, usury and abusive greed was born.

For the system to flourish, it must immorally enrich a minute percentage, an elite governing few, whilst the masses must be subject to the system. These ‘values’ must function as a restraining and controlling force on the masses but simultaneously provide a dangling carrot of forlorn hope, through perfidy, to the otherwise hopeless.


Money is simply a concept. The notes and coins are tokens that we attach a value to randomly, if someone writes 10 on it we accept that it is worth £10, however the cost of the paper with the 10 on it is say 5p, so where is the 995p? It’s just on paper, it doesn’t exist. There has never been sufficient money in the world to lend the amount currently borrowed, nor has there ever been enough money to repay the ‘debt’ currently owed, never mind the outrageous interest it continues to accrue. As a physical commodity money cannot ‘disappear’, it is moved from one person to another. If you own everything, then the money never moves or changes ownership, it passes from the right to the left hand via a conduit, namely the indebted, and then behind the back to back to the right hand once more, and the cycle begins anew as it is passed onto the next in line. Consequently, if the money doesn’t exist [and has never existed], it cannot have been ‘borrowed’, so arguably there can be no debt, just an adjustment to a column of figures.

Fake values are employed as a duplicitous societal yardstick, they confer social status, and act as a barrier to prevent contamination of the rarified air of affluent exclusion, and as a weapon to ensure policy enforcement, civil obedience and control. The weapon protects banks, and their entitled shareholders, by reinforcing a corrupt system that allows the banks to hold your property hostage, as collateral, to ensure full payment plus interest and submission to the system.

For these reasons, any value attached to anything is therefore purely a speculative figure, whose very existence is based on a unethical system that must ultimately implode as it reaches a point beyond which it is impossible to advance: capitalism’s zenith, one person will own everything, no one else owns anything anymore nor, has any money to buy anything.

The world runs on an endless spiral of ‘debt’, or more precisely alleged debt. Some debts are more real than others, namely the debts of the poor and disenfranchised are very real whilst those of the uber-rich are not. The financial system, rotten to the core and filthier than any sewer, take advantage of these ‘values’ to maintain their choking iron grip, ensuring that whatever the developments and whatever the outcome, everything goes their way. Fake debt makes the world go around.

In 2008, due to deliberate, sustained and highly rewarded mismanagement, manipulation and fraud and driven by the insatiable greed of the bankers and their lackeys in the sordid world of politics and finance, the financial system fell into virtual collapse. O how they bewailed their rapacious lust for money and humbly imploring the self-serving politicians they already owned and the public for mercy. Assuring us that it was an errant naughty few and it would never happen again they came, cap in hand, a begging. The taxpayer was suddenly deemed important again, just long enough to be duped into picking up their tab.


The opportunity to establish a new, egalitarian system allowing the redistribution of wealth on a fairer basis was before us. Our noble political class know when they are on to a good thing, they weren’t going to dilute their personal holdings by creating new laws and regulations to construct a sustainable and mutually beneficial financial system. No, lest they lose their 30 pieces of silver, they preferred to re-establish the pestilent system and let the rats back into the pantry, to the tune of hundreds of billions, and administered the coup de grace to the fledgling dream. The cited reason being that, that, um, that… o yes, something like, otherwise the rotten financial system would collapse and the elite would lose their privilege and control. Let’s be frank, there was never any danger of them finding a moral compass.

Governments worldwide saw a massive opportunity. They realized they could increase their control by the skillful exploitation of the financial rifts dividing the population and threatening the scheme of things, secure the misery and acquiescence of the poor, whilst by shouting one word.

The new word was ‘austerity’. It provided the opportunity to announce they had given all the loot to, I mean, run out of money bailing out the banks. Welfare spending was slashed, ensuring the subjugation of those most severely in need reached medieval levels of low. Cruel and crippling measures of austerity were implemented whilst the banks gorged, tapping into an unbelievably rich seam of newly failed loans and repossessions on a scale never previously dreamt of, I mean, experienced, well, at least not since the last time.

Those unlucky enough to have had a deliberately overvalued property return to its true value fell into the vortex of negative equity. As the cuts bit ever deeper, businesses tumbled like card houses, unemployment soared, the ability to generate income dropped through the floor and your arse was theirs. They didn’t let a small thing like the fact that they created the mess get in the way. Woe betide any fool dumb enough to lose his arse in the tsunami of a recession in the wake of the financial earthquake. Fuck you, you owe. Repossession without a second thought.


Cited as the cause of this temple tumbling disaster, the deliberately mis-sold and fraudulently approved loans and mortgages to the public weren’t forgiven or paid off by the grateful, newly resuscitated banks, au contraire. They pounced with a vengeance, like vampires on virginal maidens.

Did the bankers suffer, were there any consequences for their deliberate criminal actions, immoral negligence, rapacious greed and outrageous self-indulgence? No, but they were told to “never do it again”, otherwise they would be told, “never do it again”, again. Bailed out to the 9s and their bonuses paid in full, they slithered off back to the party.

Take the mortgage, your golden ticket out of here, your chance to join the high fliers and reap the rewards that you so justly deserve, your chance to turn your back on the pathetic peasants and find your natural place in the universe. The term mortgage means “death pledge”, because in inevitably involves death. Either

(1), the debt dies because its paid off,

(2), you die, and your family pay off the balance or if they are unable to, then,

(3), the payments die and the property is absorbed back into the institution and resold and the cycle begins anew.


Your signature on the mortgage deed literally creates the money the bank ’lends’ to you. A mortgage is designed to tie you in, your compliance assured, you are now owned, lock stock and barrel. You have signed away your rights and ability to protest beyond gesture. You are an indentured work slave, locked into the wage slavery / perpetual debt cycle. You can’t get off the ride, unless you lose everything, when they bark “JUMP”, you better scream ‘how high’. You will eat every bitter bite of gruel and grovel while you chew. You can’t have a rent strike, you can’t stop working, you can’t become ill, you must make that payment because if you fail… The circling vultures overhead ravenously await your failure so the banquet can begin. When you dance with the devil, you better wait for the song to stop.

And should you fail and end up in misery, an embarrassing blight on our beautiful society, an undesirable, unfit to meet the gaze of the hate-filled eyes of those who now look down on you and know your guilt. Ground down, chewed up and shat out by the grinding cogs of the financial mechanism, you will be branded a pariah, cast aside and left to putrefy subject to the whims of charity and expunged of all human dignity. A disgusting fucking benefit ponce, you are the personification of that which is wrong with this world, you are the cause of social malaise. You are the poor. You are fit only to live in the way society prefers the poor, crushed and obedient, trapped beneath the ‘charitable’ yoke of our noble society.

Sanctimonious politicians now ensure that you sing for your gruel. If you manage to find employment that is not a ‘work for free’ apprentice or internship, you will find yourself working for a pittance, on a zero hour, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no pension, no rights contract, earning a sub-subsistence wage as a tax payer subsidized employee for some multinational that pays zero tax in the UK and is owned by offshore cunts. You will gradually be forced from your home either through repossession or through eviction as the social cleansing aspect kicks in to full gear and you are marginalized by society.


Absorbed like water by a sponge, everything thing you possess, including you, is theirs and every single law in the land is going to make sure they not only fuck you but they fuck you hard. Rape and pillage is the correct term I believe… Isn’t there a law against that?




  1. Mike Reply

    This art for which I salute you. Marley, Banksy now Paleface. Only a few can make people think.

  2. rosshi Reply


    REVOLUTION Is Needed LIFE Is More Than This
    Everything Is A Stitched Up Racket #PoLIEticians & corPrintscreens Want To Enslave YOU!

    Yes We Need To Live In A Structured Society Just NOT This One
    #VOTE_LABOUR & Then We Must STRIVE For Change From Within
    #Tories_ONLY_Care_For_The_RICH Not The UNDER CLASS Which Is MOST Of Us #JC4PM

  3. Richelle Reply

    Truth separates the Punks from the pretenders. #BurnPunkLondon

  4. Terry Mellor Reply

    Oh, but what would I do with myself if I wasn’t away from home for 60 hours a week putting credits into my account? Watch Zeitgeist or The Secret of Oz for a 4th or 5th time? Oh, that’s right, I’d be walking down a dry riverbed to a secluded permanent rocky pool full of freshwater crustaceans to eat, hiding away from all this bollocks called “the World” and remembering that I’m a lifeform on a planet. Nice essay, but seriously, what is the answer? Die protesting, or just run away and forget about it? I’m not sure

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