Does the frenzy apportion blame for the use of poison gas in Syria on Assad remind anyone of anything?

Are there any bells ringing anywhere…?

Anyone remember Bloody Blair obsequiously fawning to Bush and promising to deliver the war by lying to the UK public claiming he knew exactly what to say to deceive us?  Anyone remember our noble leader obeying his masters and barking his lies as he deliberately leads the UK into war: a war he knew with absolute clarity was completely illegal against a nation he knew to be completely innocent?  Anyone remember WMDs, Saddam’s nuclear arsenal, missiles raining down on the UK in 45 minutes?  Anyone remember Dr Kelly “suicide” after trying to tell us there were no WMDs?  Anyone remember the findings and the damning verdict of the Chilcott report?

A million dead Iraqis would probably love to be able to remember, people Blair knew were entirely innocent but decided to massacre for his personal gain. Murders he still disgustingly justifies.

Are we all that dull-witted, that stupid, that we cannot see what this is, what is going on here.  Are the mists clearing…?

This is the 2017 version of Blair’s WMD in Iraq. Its WMDs party all over again; they just put the bitch in a new dress.

So many things don’t add up. Assad’s guilt is presented as an established fact despite no evidence and… surprise surprise… in response that cunt with a comb-over in Washington launches the same number of tomahawks missiles at Syria as the combined IQ of his tyrannical government and


The US is back in the Middle East doing what they do best, namely killing whomsoever they feel like in the name of FREEDOM. No doubt that miserable bitch May will find an excuse to do a “Blairy” and get us in as well.

Sarin is the most deadly neurotoxins known, lethal effects are virtually instantaneous.  That being the case, why do the CIA, I mean those good people in Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and the saintly White Helmets not take any precautions beyond paper dust masks that can’t even filter filthy London air, not even rubber gloves.  Either they are Forest Gump dumb or maybe they know something we don’t.

Why would the Assad suddenly decide to use gas at this stage in a war he has virtually won with conventional munitions? With things clearly going his way and given his desperation to retain his grip on Syria, this alleged action would likely jeopardise everything.  Assad may be a cruel scumbag dictator but he would have to be Trump Gump stupid to do such a thing days after the USA ‘abandoning’ its aim for regime change and as a conference on the future of Syria convenes in Brussels.

The only sources providing information are anti-Assad, imbeciles like Trump and his odious entourage, and echoed by our public anuses like Fallon, cite them, with zero qualification, as fact to suit their agenda and use outrage to excuse their unilateral and illegal action.  This same tactic was tried in 2013 and the UN investigation cleared Assad and apportioned the blame to US-backed rebels.  Interestingly at that time, none were more vociferous than Donald Fart who insisted Obama should not act as the ramifications would be terrible.  Maybe Fart was so busy firing people he forgot or thought we had.

This action against civilians makes no sense, why draw the wrath of the West and his allies the Russians.  The political disadvantages of committing such a barbaric act would mean diplomatic isolation and renewed calls to actively remove Assad.


Parliament didn’t take Hamcock’s bait initially and held out against his lies and wishes to kill Syrians. It became very confusing when it turned out that the goodies that Hamcock wanted to finance, arm and fight alongside with turned out to be the baddies behind 911. Why let truth, integrity and decency stop a good bloodbath.  Warmongers like Cameron and Benn made noble speeches, overflowing with stirring rhetoric and words like honour and duty, and to the thronging cheers of vicious joy, Parliament rejoiced, finally we could embrace the kid killing full on and carve more notches as the body count grew.  Better late than never

Just when Russian policy looked successful and the US was left out in the cold with egg on its face, Assad goes and spoils everything, what a Silly Billy.  We in the west are trying so hard to increase hostility between the US and Russia to justify hundreds of billions worth of weapon system renewals and we nearly didn’t have a baddie for a while.  Operation Fear was in danger of collapse, conveniently, this is just what the doctor ordered.   Without silly men like him these contracts might get cancelled, we need to have an atmosphere of terror to keep our public in line and to validate restrictions on our personal freedom.  All that money may get used for something dreadful like free education, the NHS, social housing, renewable non-polluting energy sources and improving the quality of everyone’s life if it doesn’t go to the weapon manufacturer shareholders. Thanks Bash.

Assad and the Russians had nothing to do with it.  Let’s face it, all recent US Presidents, including Donald Fart, do exactly what they are told by those that control him.  If they don’t toe the line of the banks and the Military Industrial Complex, the puppet masters, then they don’t get to enjoy a second term in office, ask JFK.   This stinks of False Flag, a low rent, clumsy one, clearly designed to draw condemnation on Assad and the Russians and we again fall for it hook, line and sinker or at least we pretend we did to justify our actions.

Amerikkkan politicians have lied with compunction and impunity to justify their actions and get into or start wars, they lie this time and they will do again in the future I can guarantee it, why would they suddenly develop a conscience, honour and a soul.  Don’t believe me, look at your history books, ask the Native Americans, the Vietnamese, the Mexicans, the Spanish, the Chileans, the Brazilians, the Panamanians, the Cubans, the Angolans, the…  you fill in the rest I don’t have the time.

Let’s call a spade a spade.  This is about oil.  The US has been desperate to gain control of Syria and in particular, the oil pipeline goes through it.  If they haven’t created this attack then they have deliberately manipulated information in order to justify an attack and their increased involvement.

This unilateral and illegal attack has a few potential purposes and provides a few solutions:

An Operation Fear booster shot – We need murderous and despotic regimes to engender fear in the public at home.  This enables the seamless introduction of further civil restrictions and tighter civil controls, unlimited imprisonment without charges, deeper home surveillance, the curtailment of civil liberties and public freedom, the introduction of limits on freedom of expression, freedom to protest, freedom of thought and belief, and the diminishment of basic human rights.  With public terror the introduction of draconian measures of control allows despotic and murderous regimes to increase their and hold on power and enforce obedience, by despotic regimes I mean the likes of those in the USA and the UK,


Under the guise of ‘humanitarian’ intervention, it justifies US expansionism and an increase in the presence of US military forces in Syria and the region.  The inevitable escalation in hostilities and further military aggression on the part of the US can then be further justified by more false flags attacks against the ‘peacekeepers’ allowing for annexation via regime change.

On paper, this attack would appear to be hugely antagonistic towards the Russians due to their direct support of the Assad regime. It is clear the Russians, and in all likelihood, Assad too, were forewarned of the impending attack, nothing got damaged except a few teacups.  For the infantile, toy chucking imbecile in the White House it serves to throw the dogs off the scent of any investigation into Russian electoral interference [it’s ironic that the US should get so upset about this when they feel entitled to interfere in and manipulate any foreign election they choose] by making Fart look tough on them commie bastards.

And on a positive note for Grump and scum like Cheney and Co, with their massive shareholdings in arms manufacturing companies, their personal fortunes just went up directly as a result of the attack, share values in Tomahawk missile manufacturer Raytheon and other weapon manufacturers in the hope of an extended conflict and tons of further bloodshed.  Kerrrchinggggg!!!

O and by the way, this attack against Assad means that the US is fighting alongside Isis, Daesh, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra et al  – go figure

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


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